Who Are They? 

The Blue Angels are a flight demonstration squadron that has been flying across the United States since 1946. Known for their spectacular air shows, the Blue Angels embody the teamwork and skill of the United States Navy. 


The squadron was formed after World War II by the Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. He created the team to showcase naval aviation to the public. His creation has been a massive success, with crowds flocking to see the aerial displays every season. 

Where Is It? 

The Pensacola bay area is the official home of the Blue Angels. During the off-season— January through March—the team trains at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, California. As soon as air show season begins, the Blue Angels are stationed at the Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida. 

Aviation Museum

After seeing the squadron in flight, learn about the history of naval aviation. Pensacola is also home to the National Naval Aviation Museum. Department of Defense ID holders and their guests can visit the museum and view the many aircraft exhibits and attractions.

When to Go

Many exciting aerial events are in Pensacola. This year, the Pensacola Beach Air Show is
July 7 through July 10. The Homecoming Show is November 5-6. While the team travels throughout the season, locals can see the pilots practice in the skies when the team is at the home base.  

More Info 

To learn more about the Blue Angels, visit www.blueangels.navy.mil or email bapao@navy.mil. For more information on what Pensacola has to offer, see www.visitpensacola.com or call 800-874-1234.