What Is It?

Laura Jepsen, a former Florida State University literature professor, bought this 3-acre property with a massive live oak that looked like something out of a fairytale in 1956. She made the land into her dream oasis, building a Tudor-style cottage next to the tree.

Where Is It?

Lichgate on High Road can be found, as the name suggests, on High Road, about a mile from FSU’s main campus. The area is marked with a white post with “Lichgate” engraved on it.

Gateway to A New World

The name “lichgate” comes from the name for roofed gateways found at the entrance of traditional English churchyards. They are often seen as a portal from one world to the next. Jepsen felt this described her property well: It was her transition point through time.

An Ode to Another Time

Jepsen’s love of the past, especially English history, is present throughout Lichgate. From a Tudor-style cottage to a Shakespeare garden, Lichgate on High Road can feel like stepping into a storybook.

Things to Do

In addition to the breathtaking live oak tree and Jepsen’s cottage, there are beautiful gardens and a labyrinth for visitors to enjoy. There are many spots for picnicking, reading and relaxation.