What Is It?

Ten Thousand Islands are a chain of islands off the coast of southwest Florida. The islands have the largest expanse of mangrove forests in North America, and inlets stretching from near Collier-Seminole State Park to near Flamingo.  

The Area

While the region boasts hundreds rather than thousands of islands, the expansive reach of the land makes it clear why the area received its name. Visitors are greeted with native wildlife, including sea turtles, cuckoos and manatees.

What To Do

The islands are popular with kayakers who want to adventure through a maze of inlets. For land-dwellers, there are hiking trails, bird-watching and camping opportunities. A popular spot is the observation tower at Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge overlooking the islands. 

When To Visit

The islands are open year-round. Visitors will see both local animals and those making seasonal migrations. For paddlers or back-
country adventurers, it is recommended to visit from December through April to avoid the increase of insects in the summer. 

More Info 

Visit https://www.fws.gov/refuge/ten-thousand-islands or call 239-657-8001.