Local and regional display advertising is sold through the advertising sales office of Pioneer Utility Resources: 503-357-2105. National advertising sales are through our ad agency, American MainStreet Publications: 800-626-1181.

People who read Florida Currents are predominately rural, small-town residents who hold traditional family values. Any advertisement deemed to be in bad taste, of questionable nature or unsuitable for a family-oriented magazine will not be accepted. This includes anything political, sexually explicit or deemed controversial.

Ads for tobacco, alcohol, handguns and concealable firearms will not be accepted. Depending on federal and state laws, exceptions may be made for weapons strictly intended for hunting purposes, that have been rendered permanently inoperable, or that are collectibles—such as commemorative issues—from federally licensed firearms dealers or manufacturers.

Advertisements that feature products competitive with offerings from member utilities will not be accepted for publication. This exclusion does not apply to advertising appearing on a utility’s local pages.

Final acceptance or rejection of an advertisement will be determined by the CEO of Pioneer Utility Resources. Pioneer reserves the right to place “paid advertisement” with copy that, in the editor’s opinion, resembles editorial matter. Positioning is at the discretion of Pioneer, although advertisers’ requests will be considered.