In February, we search for unique ways to show our love. It’s nice to go a little above and beyond to make loved ones feel special. 

Have you considered a “heart attack” this year? It’s a great way to remind your child or significant other how great they are in 14 short love notes of the conversation heart variety.

The premise behind the idea is simple. Starting February 1 and ending Valentine’s Day, each day write down a reason why you love them. You have many delivery options: Tape them on car windows, front doors or bedroom doors, bathroom mirrors or kitchen appliances. 

If you want to think even bigger, get wooden skewers, attach the heart messages and stick them all over someone’s lawn. Or place notes in an envelope or box, and mail them to a loved one far away.

Things like “You are so funny” or “You give the best hugs” go a long way in making someone’s day when the messages genuinely come from the heart.