Memorial Day may be over, but grilling season has just begun.

It’s time to take those grilling skills up a notch for Father’s Day. Break out your grilling apron, spatula and tongs, and let’s get you that “King of the Grill” title with a few simple tips.


Turn up the heat. Whether you cook with gas or charcoal, your grill needs to be hot before placing anything on it. After turning on the grill, the easiest and fastest way to get it to your desired heat is by closing the lid for 10 to 15 minutes.

A hot grill gives meat a good sear, and if you learn anything from Gordon Ramsey, it’s that you want a good sear. So, bring up the heat, and say it with me, “No color, no flavor.”

Searing helps caramelize the natural sugars on the outside of the meat and trap those savory insides.


Flip once and only once. It is hard to be patient while smelling dinner cook, but resist the desire to flip your steaks, burgers or chicken more than once. You do not want to flip meat until the side against the heat has the color you desire.


Let it rest. After grilling meat, make sure you give it some time off the grill to rest. Do not cut into it immediately. Cutting the meat without allowing it to rest will cause the juices to escape from the center of the meat and run out onto the plate.

The amount of resting time depends on the portion size. A general rule is to let meat rest for 10 minutes per pound.


The extras could make or break you. Grilling is all about the showstopping meat, but do not underestimate a well-toasted bun for that burger, grilled veggies to have alongside steak or grilled pineapple to bring sweetness to your chicken dish.


Prepare for tomorrow. This is not just a one-time event. It’s summertime, and you will have the grill out an obsessive amount the next few months. The best present you can give your future self is to clean the grill while it’s still hot. Charred pieces of meat left behind are much easier to clean off when they are still hot.

Grab a sturdy grill brush and start cleaning. If you don’t have one, a balled-up piece of foil will do the job. Make sure to hold the foil using a pair of tongs so you do not burn your fingers.