What Is It?

The Sanibel Island Light, also known as the Point Ybel Light, was one of the first lighthouses on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The structure is on the eastern tip of 12-mile-long Sanibel Island. Its unique skeleton and iron framework stand out among the island’s beaches. The lighthouse’s charm and historical significance attracts many visitors. 

How Big Is It?

The lighthouse stands 98 feet above sea level, with a centrally located spiral staircase that rises above the ground. While the stairway and lighthouse are not open to the public, visitors can marvel at the lighthouse while touring the grounds. 


Island settlers were adamant a lighthouse be built. After many years of campaigning, the lighthouse was completed and first lit in 1884. Kerosene fueled its powerful light until 1949, when the lighthouse became automated. The city took ownership of the lighthouse and restored it in 2013. The lighthouse has been consistently maintained for visitors since then.    

What to Do

A recommended activity is riding a bike on the island to reach the lighthouse. There are stunning views throughout the ride. Once there, the lighthouse is surrounded by a beautiful beach. Visitors say it has some of the best shelling in Florida. The island has golfing, tours and many water activities for the entire family. 

More Info 

To learn more about the light-house, visit www.sanibellighthouse.com. For more information about  visiting the island, call 239-472-1080, or go to www.sanibel-captiva.org.