Cropping the question: Leave it to a fifth-generation farmer, tapping a couple of modern-day tools—a GPS for mapping and drone to check his work—to carve out a wedding proposal that surely could not be missed. But it almost was. 


The backstory: Alex Lyle and Sabrina Osman met during their freshman year at Washington State University. She’s now a fourth grade teacher while he tends to the 120-year-old family farm in Lyle, Washington.


Their field of dreams: After gaining her parents’ blessing and satisfied with his handiwork in the field, earlier this year Alex got Sabrina in a helicopter in a ruse about surveying the family farm. Once hovering above, Alex was ready to pop the question, but had trouble getting Sabrina’s attention. He poked her arm, then poked again, hitting the sore spot where she had been vaccinated. Reacting to her less than-happy-look, he quickly popped out the ring. The mood quickly elevated with a great big “yes.” The rest is family history.